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It's 355 AD.

Immerse yourself in the story of the ancient Germanic Goths on the frontier of the late Roman Empire told from a teen barbarian point of view. Follow the story of Matthi--political hostage and son of a Goth military leader--and/or the story of Matthi's older brother, Karig, whose tale is available free here on the Karig's Tale blog page. 

Along the journey, discover historical facts, true tales, myths and legends surrounding the Romans, the Tervingi and Greuthungi Goths, their warriors, weapons, religions and customs, along with rival tribes, lordless mercenaries, bandit farmers and the daily lives of their women and children.

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The Stone Eagle Series

"The day will bring pain," says the Master Trainer.

No one doubts his word. He will work his cadets until at least one of them drops to the dirt. Drops and can't rise again. Earns a ticket to see the Greek.

Someone has to be the first to fall, but shame will rain down on anyone who gives up before the young barbarian among them… 

And Matthi the Goth is no quitter.


Just-Us League


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Karig's Tale

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Sakarig the Younger--son of a Goth military leader, called simply Karig by all who knew him--disappears a few months before he would have been recruited into the legion of the V Macedonica. His younger brother, Matthi, is told Karig escaped the legionary garrison and had tried to swim to his freedom, only to drown in the Danubius River.

But what really happened? 

Read Karig's Tale, a blog in Karig's own words. Updated randomly (until I get my act together), beginning 11/2017.