Cast of Characters


As the characters are introduced, I'll list them here by category:


Inside the Garrison


Second son of Sakarig and Fenja, brother to Karig. Taken as a political hostage of the Legion of the V Macedonica at Oescus when he was eight, he has been educated and trained as a Roman. He's 14. 

Matthi the Goth (Mattias)

Matthi's friend; son of Gaius, the Camp Prefect. He's 15.


Senior cadet; Barracks B; son of Glaudia the Gepid and a fallen legionnaire; brother to Henna. Sten was Karig's closest friend inside the garrison. He might be the only one who knows what really happened to Karig, but the brooding half-blood has his own problems and isn't talking.  Age 16.

Stensius (Sten)

Senior cadet; Barracks B; brother to Otho. His mother is dead and his father is wanted for smuggling and desertion. Age 17.


Senior cadet; Barracks B; Son of a Roman senator and a noblewoman, he was raised on the Mediterranean, then sent to Oescus for his military training. Now he's sponsored by his uncle, the wealthiest landholder in the region. Age 16. 


Called Jason the Beardless; Head Senior Cadet; Barracks B. His older brother, Marcus, is Optio of the Sixth Cohort, a great honor, but Jason, age 17, has trouble standing up to the other cadets and fulfilling his responsibilities as oldest of his barracks. 


Senior cadet; Barracks A. 


Senior cadet; Barracks A.





Boys from Oescus citizen families destined for military service, are handed over to his care at the age of seven and are under Cassian's care until they fail and are sent home, or they turn 18 join the legion ranks. A giant of a man and a war hero, Cassian feeds, clothes, houses, trains, promotes and punishes. 

Master Trainer Cassian

Gruethungi Goth by descent, Lev has earned his position and his citizenship through his years of service in the legions. 

Assistant Trainer LEvius (Lev)

Thomas' father and the centurion who saved Matthi from the Angel of Death, Gaius is now Camp Prefect, the second highest rank inside the Legion of the V Macedonica.   


An old slave, Paulopus runs the infirmary (hospital) inside the Oescus garrison. Highly educated, he is the only real medical care for 100 miles.

Paulopus (The Greek)


The Greuthungi Goths



Sakarig the Younger. Eldest son of Sakarig and Fenja, brother to Matthi. Four years older than Matthi, Karig was also taken hostage by the Romans, but instead of embracing the life, he fought it. He is rumored to have attempted escape from the garrison only to have drown in the river, but questions emerge.  


Sakarig the Silent. Leader of the Goth auxiliary units attached to the V Macedonica (limitanei). Husband to Fenja, father to Matthi and Karig. He is seen as the only man capable of uniting the hostile northland Goth clans.

Wife of Sakarig; mother to Karig and Matthi. She was taken, along with her sons by the Romans and now lives in relative isolation inside the Oescus City walls.


Prince Dagmar the Younger. Only son of the fallen Dagmareik, leader of the royal Balthi clan, from which most Gruethungi reiks are elected. Now 19, Dagmar is about to take his place as reiks of the northland Greuthungi clans, which comes with it the command of the Goth auxiliary units. But trouble brews.


Sister to Dagmar and Ishild; youngest daughter of the fallen Balthi reiks, Dagmareik. She's been sent to marry Tanfrid, the Tervingi prince, who sees her as a consolation prize after Tanfrid's first wife, Ishild, died in childbirth. Ermi is 15. 

Ermalinde (Ermi)

Ishild the Beauty. Sister to Dagmar and Ermalinde; eldest daughter of the fallen Balthi reiks, Dagmareik. At 16, Ishild was given in marriage to Tanfrid as part of a brokered deal between princes. She died in childbirth a year later.


Adalgar the Forger. Elder brother to Sakarig; uncle to Karig and Matthi; Adalgar is a veteran soldier and a Balthi clan elderman. He has six sons and five daughters, Keldamar being his youngest.


Son of Adalgar; Best friend of Karig when they were young. Keld has entered the Goth auxiliary and serves under Sakarig.

Keldamar (Keld)

The Balthi clan witch; aunt of Dagmar, Ishild and Ermalinde. She travels with Ermi for her marriage and acts as chaperone.


Sister of Sakarig and Adalgar; aunt to Karig and Matthi; her daughters are married and her sons are dead. She travels with Ermi as a second chaperone. 



The Tervingi Goths


Helmreik the One-Eyed; Father to Tanfrid and Leogern; He is the head of  the Balthi clan (a Tervingi royal family of sorts) and the unofficial reiks of the bickering Tervingi migrant clans. His eldest son fought under the command of Sakarig and is now dead.


Second son to Helmreik the One-Eyed; Brother to Leogern; Now a prime contender to take over the leadership of the Balthi clan from his father, but Tanfrid has his own way of doing things and is a controversial figure. He's 15 when we first see him in Episode 1. Six years later, Tanfrid is wanted by the Roman legions for deserting the Goth auxiliary unit and has been shunned by this clan for going against Helmreik's will. Fiery and capable, Tanfrid has drawn like-minded, angry young Goths to him and now leads a group of raiders, who pillage noble farms up and down the countryside.


Cousin to Tanfrid and Leogern; From the clan of Balthi; deserted the Goth auxiliary unit with Tanfrid and is the unofficial deputy commander of the raiders.


Youngest son of Helmreik the One-Eyed; Brother to Tanfrid. He's ten when we first see him in Episode 1. Now, 16 and about to join the auxiliary, this quiet animal lover is as big as a barn, but nearly invisible to his father and clan.


Gods and Mystics

Of Greuthungi birth, she is the high priestess of the Goth clans. Her word is the word of Tiews, the word of law.

The Angel of Death

Of Tervingi birth, when the old priestess dies, Vigdis will become the new Angel of Death. She is 19.

Vigdis the Apprentice

The Goth god of war and justice. He sacrificed his hand in the jaws of Fenrir (Garm/the great beast) to save the world, so he is Tiews the One-Handed. (Also known as: Tyr and Tiwaz). In Norse Mythology, Tyr is a son of Odin, but multiple sources tell us that in the time of The Stone Eagle, Tiews (Tyr/Tiwaz) was considered my many Germanic peoples to be the high god.


Goddess of the hearth, the harvest and mothers. Although she is referenced only in passing here, historical references indicate Nerthus had a devoted following of her own among the various ancient Germanic clans.