Episode I

Three months shy of 15, Matthi the Goth is too young to be considered for promotion into the senior ranks of his elite military academy, or so he thinks. But his master trainer thinks differently, and Matthi finds himself beside his friend Thomas in a grueling test of mental strength and physical endurance. 

Flashback to where it all started: A young Matthi makes a stupid boyhood mistake and ends up at the center of clan hostilities, facing the harsh justice of the Angel of Death.  

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Episode II

Matthi faces angry cadets, worn and hungry, and the chow hall turns into a battleground.

Outside the garrison, a group of Goth raiders stir up trouble and the legion of the V Macedonica doesn't have the numbers to stop them. Someone is hiring mercenaries to keep the peace and a skinny, foreign slave, gambles his life to gain his freedom.

Episode III

A shadow in the night leads Matthi into dark places and darker revelations. 

In the Gothlands, a newly freed Skinny Boy must navigate the complicated and brutal world of the raiders, Tanfrid, and the Angel of Death.