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My Brother's Book Just Went Live on Amazon!!

Way to go, Jase!

As of today, The Dublin Hit (Book 1 of the Sauwa Catcher Series) is for sale on Amazon. Isn't the cover stunning? A big thanks to the talented Louis Rakovich at Indigo Forest Designs. 

The notorious Angel of Death is now a gun for hire...

It’s 1994. The Apartheid in South Africa has abruptly collapsed. Covert operations specialist, Sauwa Catcher — once a reluctant but lethal soldier in the fallen regime — finds herself without a country. Branded an international criminal and targeted by multiple intelligence services, Sauwa is a fugitive, alone and on the run. 

An Irish paramilitary organization offers her a deal: carry out a dangerous, hands-on assignment in exchange for money and the means to disappear. 

On the gray streets of Dublin, she plots what she hopes will be her last mission while evading ruthless IRA hitmen, who will stop at nothing to see her dead, and intelligence agencies intent on publicly trying her for the crimes of a corrupt regime. 

Sauwa must use her combat-hardened operational skills and razor-sharp instincts if she is to fight and survive in her shadow world.